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My housemate: How do you spell "thief"?

This was, once again, the housemate who is a teacher.
 My housemate: "Is 'riding' spelt with one d or two?"

...And you're a teacher?
Stupid person story of the day:
Me: "Swipe with the strip facing in."
Customer: "This way? With the card?"
...No, with your face, what do you think?



Oh hai, guys. Man, it's been ages since I posted here. Mostly because I suspected certain parts of LJ were giving my computer a nasty virus. :S

Uhhh... stuff is good. And stuff.
Work is fine, uni is fine, relationship (two years!) is fine... everything in general is fine. This is a very good thing. Although I can't say much exciting stuff happens, but I am okay with this.

Stuff that happened since I posted last:

Was dumped and then got back together with boyfriend. Long story. I actually think it was kind of a good thing though, as it gave us the shake-up I think we needed. All is now excellent on that front. :)
Got two new tattoos: a treble clef on my right hipbone and a bass clef on my left. I love them so.
Decided that I am morally against making more humans. Thusly, babies do not exist in my life plan.
Bought tickets to Muse. Hurry up, December!
Brother went to England for a few weeks. I wanna go.
We reaffirmed our intention to visit Mull together one day. Also a long story.
Saw Inception, and fell in love with both it and Tom Hardy.
Decided Media Writing is a totally awesome subject, and as such I will be doing Film and TV Scriptwriting as an elective next year.
Came up with more story ideas than I know what to do with. Still can't seem to fully flesh any of them out, however. :(
...and probably a bunch of other interesting things that I've forgotten about.

Stuff I'm looking forward to:

Filming a group project on Wednesday. Especially the 'fish on a gurney' scene (it makes sense in context... sorta).
(Hopefully) doing a Survivor course in Swedish over summer.
Summer! I really wanna go on a beach trip!
Finishing uni. Mostly because I want to do another course once this one is over. And then a Master's. I am a giant nerd.
The day that I am rich enough (yeah right) to own a summer house in Sweden and a summer house in New Zealand. Ha, see what I did there? Yay hemispheres!

Dear Supernatural: I Love You

Season 5 finally arrived in Australia, with the first two eps back to back.
Having recovered from the Squee, I would just like to say:
Thank you, Kripke and Co., for giving me exactly, and I mean EXACTLY what I wanted. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Spoilers for 5.01 and 5.02Collapse )Read more...Collapse )

So... I am alive

Finished first year of university.
Among other movies, watched Withnail and I, and loved it.
Also went and saw 2012, which hads tons of awesome carnage. :D


And this was horrible:

One day I was in looking at dresses for my Christmas staff party. I found one, tried it on and fell in love with it. But I needed to wait till my payday in order to get it. So I tried it on and took note of the size for when I come back to pick it up.

So a few days later, my pay had come in and a friend of mine, (who was with me previous), came with me to get my dress. I went to the spot where they had them displayed only to find that it had been moved, where to though was beyond me.

A sales associate approached me and asked if I needed help. I explained to her the dress and she brought me over to it. She asked me what size I would be needing it in and I told her the 2.

She then laughed and said, "Honey your not a 2. Trust me. Not even close".


Okay...so to humour her I said for fun I would take the 2 and the 4 and try them on. She proceded to snort and say that a 4 was pushing it as well. I told her there was no way I was an 8 and she went on about denile.
My friend jumped in and told this rude girl that I was in days earlier trying on the 2 that fit me perfectly and to give me the dress or we were walking out.
So with a loud sigh she hands me the dress in the 2 and I go back to try it on. As I walk out of the fitting room she is there to see.

Sure enough the 2 was the size I needed. So i looked her way and shot her a look. She sighed really loud and said "You can only suck in for so long".

That was it. I took the dress off and said fuck it and left. The girl could have had commisison off of a $120 dress.

Now I am not one of those people who do there best to stick themselves into the smallest size. If it doesn't fit, it doesn't fit, get on with life!

I was told I should have complained but really everyone who works there is rude anyways and it would have been a waste of air...and phone minutes.

I found another dress in a 2 that a sales associate was more then happy to sell me. And might I mention actually told me if I wanted to a 0 could also suffice.


Was reading a discussion board, and thought this was hilarious:

Most of the "bad" service I get when I go shopping is the high-pressure sales tactics that the employees are actually forced to do, so I can't really hold it against them. (I'll write an angry letter to management or corporate once in a while if it's really bad, but I won't chew out an employee for doing what their greedy bosses tell them.)

Basically, I hate walking into a store and feeling like I'm about to do epic battle with the salesperson:

Hero: "I'm on a quest for an MP3 player for my sister's birthday."

Orc: "Then what you want is this Ultimate Premium Mythryl iPod with over 9,000 gigabytes of memory! And this week it's only eleventy-billion gold pieces!"

Hero: "No, actually, this 4 GB one in your ad here for 100 gp will do just fine."

Orc: [Scoffs] "Fine then. But you'll want to add on our ultra enchanted extended warranty! Sure it costs almost as much as the MP3 player itself, but you'll have the piece of mind knowing that if a dragon eats it, you can contact our customer service wizards, and if you answer the sphinx's riddle correctly, they might send you a gift card for the cost of your purchase!"

Hero: "No thanks, that's alright, I'll just take the MP3 player."

Orc: [Sweating] "But... but... Piece of mind!... Dragons!... If you fail to purchase our extended warranty, you'll be doomed! DOOMED I tell you!"

Hero: [Leaves and just orders the MP3 player from Amazon]

District 9

Was awesome.

And completely unlike what I was expecting - what I thought the whole movie was about all happened in the first ten minutes; and then it turned out there was, you know, a plot. An awesome plot.